Home School Coordinator: Mary Little Star 

    JH/HS Guidance Counselor: Patty Peacock

    Elem. Guidance Counselor:  Amber Woitalla

    Librarian: Gay Mraz

     7th-12th Special Education: Cindy Sue Pederson 

    Elementary Special Education/SPED Director: Kayla Farlee  

    Early Childhood SPED: Sandy Hoff

    Art (PK-12th) : Jessie Longbrake

    Speech Pathologist: Dawn Liebel

    Pre-Kindergarten: Valerie Tomac

    Kindergarten: Lynn Pesicka

    Kindergarten: Tether Lundberg

    First Grade: Sarah Shaff

    First Grade: Carly Schrempp

    Second Grade: Kimberly Shannon

    Second Grade: Shawn Olsen

    Third Grade: Michelle Wall

    Third Grade: Sydney Maher

    Fourth Grade: Kathy Olsen

    Fourth Grade: Susie De La Rosa

    Fifth Grade: Joseph Gould

    Fifth Grade: Melissa Feickert

    Sixth Grade: Lila Petersen

    Sixth Grade: Brittany Brooks

    Intervention (PK-6th): Terri McLellan

    K-12th Grade ISS Supervisor: 

    7th-12th Study Hall Supervisor:

    Lakota Language (8th-12th): Marion Blue Arm

    Business/Economics & PE: Scot Anderson

    JH Science: Jaquelyn Peterson

    HS Science: Mark Peacock

    Math: Nadia Deal

    Social Science: Crystal Keasling

    Social Studies: Shannon Hinrichs 

    Jr. High Computer Science/Family Consumer Science: Carolyn Brooks

    Jr. High Math: Dusti LaPlante

    English: Susan Stewart

    Reading (7th-12th): Gnene Fordyce

    Athletic Director: Mary Farlee

    Music: Rex Laughlin

    Elementary Computers: Deetta Terkildsen

    Elementary PE: Mary Farlee

    Title I Para Professional: Pam Ross (SPED) 

    Title I Para Professional: Rhea Stevens

    Title I Para Professional: Eunice Moudy

    Title I Para Professional: Callie Starr

    Title I Para Professional: Kristi Farlee

    Title I Para Professional: Chelsey Kelly

    Title I Para Professional: Tracie Henderson

    Title I Para Professional: Kim Jensen

    Title I Para Professional:

    Para Professional: Carla Stambach

    Para Professional: Janessa Schrempp

    Para Professional: Jazmyn Holmes

    Para Professional: Cheral Dekle

    Para Professional: Cooper Wall

    Network Administrator: Jason Matonis

    Head Janitor: Jim Veit

    Janitors: Doron Shaff, Preston Phillips, Kent Garter  

    Head Cook: Shelley Brehmer

    Cooks: Dona Russell, Rhonda Collins, and William Howard

    Bus Drivers:  Shelley Brehmer, Steve Dekle, Sam Owen, Charlie Brooks (Activity),

    Wade Stambach, Shawn Olsen, and Glenda Thunder Hoop