Juniors and Seniors:  Here are the special Lake Area Tech visitation/tour days (but you can schedule to tour pretty much any time; these just have programs/presentations included):  Seniors:  Nov. 6, 2014 and Jan. 22, 2015.  Juniors:  April 2, 2015.

    Northern State University Visitation Days for 2014-2015:  Oct. 25th, Nov. 14th, Jan. 30th, Feb. 13th, and July 16th.  for more info on times/events such as BB games that are included in the events planned for a day, lease call 1-800-678-5330.

    SD School of Mines & Technology Visitation Schedule/Go to Mines Open House Dates for 2014-2015:  Oct. 18th, Nov. 8th, April 11th, and July 25th.  You can register at www.sdsmt.edu/visit and call 1-605-394-5236 for more info.

    Western Dakota Tech Visitation 2014-2015 Events:  Saturdays at 10 AM:  Oct. 11th, Jan. 31st, and April 11th.  Special Career 'day camps':  Construction-Sept 16th, Health/SCRUBS-Nov. 5th, Transportation/Manufacturing-Feb. 10th, Health/SCRUBS-March 3rd, and Law & Public Safety-April 15th.

    Black Hills State Fall Open Houses for 2014:  Saturday, Oct. 18th and Saturday, Nov. 15th.  Register at www.bhsu.edu/openhouse.

    Juniors and Seniors:  Plan ahead if you want to visit during the 2014-2015 Lake Area Technical Inst. 'It's Your World' series in Watertown (each visit is from 9 am - 2 pm).  Construction/Manuf:  Oct. 1st, Ag & Natural Resource:  Oct. 15th, Health fields:  Oct. 29th, 3M/Precision Machining, Energy/Robotics:  Nov. 12th (Brookings) and April 28th (Aberdeen), Transportation:  Feb. 4th, Business Careers:  Feb. 25th.